I was looking at the 4x8 chicken house. I know this may be an almost impossible question to answer. Especially with the rising cost of everything. I was looking for an estimated build cost. I dont want to buy a plan and it end up being over my budget for the build.
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Hi Jon, Thank you for your questions... answers below:
[b]Time to build[/b]... this is variable based on type of tools available (compressor and nail gun makes thinks faster) and skill level... but I would say a couple of weekends...
As for the [b]material cost[/b], that is also completely variable depending on type of wood, quality of materials, location, etc... but about $400 to build the 4x8....
heres the materials list:
[list][*](4) - 4x4’s in 6’ length – pressure treated for longevity and durability
[*](45) – Standard 2x4’s in 8’ lengths
[*](2) – Standard 2x4’s in 10’ lengths
[*](9) - 4’x8’ sheets of approximately ½” plywood or OSB
[*](1) - 2x6 you will only need 3’ in length so buy the shortest length available
[*](3 bundles) – shingles – typically 3 bundles of shingles will cover 100 sq. ft which will be more than enough Roofing felt (you only need about 80 sq. ft)
[*](30) 1x2 furring strips (for a ‘board and batton’ exterior and trim)
[*](4) – Hex Block 4 or Pier w/hot dip galvanized bracket (These are approximately 1’x1’x1’ blocks that form the foundation to set your 4 posts on. With the Hex Block, the posts rest in a 4”x4” square hole in the block. With the Pier w/bracket style, the block has a bracket that has two holes so you can drill a hole through the center of your posts and attach the posts to the bracket with a bolt)
[*](2) – 1¼” x 4’ wooden dowels
[*](4) – 2x2’s in 8’ lengths
[*](5) – oil rubbed bronze sash lock (twist lock)
[*](4) – black tee hinge 3.5”
[*](6) – oil rubbed bronze hinge 3”
[*](4) – 4”x12’ aluminum fascia (optional)
[*](4) – 12”x12’ aluminum vented soffit (optional)
[*](4) – 1½”x12’ aluminum drip edge
[*](2) – 16”x6” (or 16”x8”) face on vent
[*](2) – 2’x2’ windows
[*](6) – H1 hurricane ties (to attach the roof trusses)
[*](1 roll) – 3’x15’ hardware cloth net, black PVC (for window screens)
[*]16d 3¼” nails for framing 8d ring shank nails
[*]2½” Roofing nails for the shingles 3” wood screws (you will only be using 18-20 of these)
[*]Trim nails for the board and batton on the exterior
Hope that helps.
Have a great weekend!
[url=http://diychickencoops.com/4-by-8-coop-and-run]4x8 Coop And Run[/url] can be found in our [url=http://diychickencoops.com/chicken-coop-plans]Chicken Coop Plans[/url] category

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