I was interested in raising chickens, and I wanted to make my own coop. I found a coop that I really like (the Chick-N-Villa), but it is super expensive. I would like to build a coop like it, and I was wondering if there were specific blueprints that I could build my own like it with, instead of buying the kit. Would it be possible to get blueprints like that, or even the specific dimensions of the coop sections and maybe some pics at different angles? Thanks!
Last modified: 18 Mar 2012, 10:46 AM
Hi Adrial,
We dont have any other pictures available at the moment but the instructions to put the kit together are located here:[url=]Chick-N-Villa[/url]
The overal dimensions of this coop are: 69 1/2 l x 34 w x 50 1/4h
You might want to consider the [img][/img]herb garden chicken coop plans... very detailed step by step... and you can stain it to give the coloring you like with the Chick N Villa... plus you have a garden on top!
Just a thought... have a great night!
Best regards,
[url=]Chick-N-Villa[/url] can be found in our [url=]Chicken Coop Kits[/url] category
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Steph (Guest)
Steph (Guest)
Jason, I am in the process of building this herb graden chicken coop right now. Holy cow is it taking forever!! Do you know who actually has this coop? I hav ea couple of questions. The main one being what type of bedding they use if they use any at all in the inside of the actual house part. It has 1" square wire flooring. I would like to use none but then how would you clean the coop if it all falls below the coop house? Hmm...I can't wait to get it done and get my first ever chickens! :)
Jason Clendaniel
Jason Clendaniel
Hi Steph,
As luck would have it, not only was I the one that designed the coop you are building... but, I also have one in my back yard!
Glad to hear you are deep into the project. It always turns out to be one of those projects that would take a fraction of the time to do the second time around. That is, if you end up needing to expand your flock and their housing after your first coop is complete!
Most of the builds I know about go forward as you suggest with just the wire flooring. Droppings simply drop through the mesh floor. Most people put a non-cedar mulch along the bottom of the run as well as under the hen house. There is just enough space to fit a rake under the hen house to shuffle the mulch (and droppings) every few weeks. That will cover up any unpleasant smells and it makes for some really fertile planting soil down the road. You can do the same "shuffle" in the run area.
Make sure to send us a picture of your coop and girls in their new home! And... post any more questions you have along the way.
Mike (Guest)
Mike (Guest)
Came across your design, and we really like it. Will probably order the plans shortly. The only thing that I'd like is for the coop to be a bit higher off the ground - so the ladies can walk underneath the house. Are the plans easily "adaptable" to that kind of modification? And if so would you then recommend switching the mesh flooring out with wooden flooring, or just leaving the netting?
am raising chickens for a long time and I am also build my own chicken coop kits all by myself. It's easy and fun and anyone can do it. With the right plans and guidance you can build your own coop in no time, just like me and other people who love to take care and raise chickens.

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