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How to Build a Home Brooder

How to Build a Home Brooder

How to Build a Home Brooder

A home brooder is the least expensive way to take care of a few chicks.

To build a home brooder:

  • Take a cardboard box and cut off the top so that it has four sides and a bottom
  • Line the box with chick litter, or even paper towels
  • Put a chick feeder inside the box and fill with chick starter
  • Put a chick waterer inside the box and fill with water
  • Cover half of the box with a piece of cardboard to limit draft while allowing air circulation
  • Hang a light bulb with a reflector in the middle of the box
    • Ensure light bulb in far enough away from cardboard and litter so it does not start a fire
    • Adjust the height of the light bulb to reach desired temperature
  • Add a thermometer around ground level to monitor temperature
    • Begin your brooder at 90-95° F for week 1
    • Reduce the temperature by 5° F each week by raising the light
  • Refresh the litter every other day and ensure it is always dry
  • Refresh water daily, clean and sanitize waterer every few days
  • Refresh food supply as it is depleted
  • Throw your home brooder box away after 4-6 weeks when you introduce chicks into the flock

Here are a few items you may want to consider purchasing for your home brooder:

Brooders You will need to add a heat source to keep your chicks nice and warm.
  infra red light This infra-red reflector is designed to keep small to medium sized flocks warm.
Price: $29.95
  area brooder This electric area brooder is designed to keep large flocks warm.
Price: $149.95
  box brooder This brooder is an alternative to building your own.
Price: $249.95
Chicken Feeders You will need to add a chick feeder and waterer to keep your bird hydrated and full.
  chick waterer This cute item may be used as either a chick feeder or 64 oz. waterer.
Price: $9.95
  1 gallon chick fountain This one gallon chick fountain is one of our most popular.
Price: $4.95
  18 inch slide top waterer This trough may be used as both a chick feeder and waterer..
Price: $4.95

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