If I purchase the 4 x 8 Chicken Coop Plans, can you ship them to Shelburne, Ontario, Canada ? Are there any extra costs involved? Thanks Sim
Last modified: 18 Mar 2012, 10:48 AM
The plans are an electronic download... actually, in your case, we would have to email you the plans because our system will not allow an address from outside of the US.
However, we do have a paypal address
If you send us the $34.95 via paypal, we can email you the plans. If you want us to print and ship them, give me an exact address and I can look at shipping and Tariff costs... but it would probably be less expensive for you to print or have it printed after we send you the PDF file.
Thank you for your interest in DIY Chicken Coops!
Have a great night!
Best regards,
Jason Clendaniel
[url=http://diychickencoops.com/4-by-8-coop-and-run]4x8 Coop And Run[/url] can be found in our [url=http://diychickencoops.com/chicken-coop-plans]Chicken Coop Plans[/url] category
johnsmith (Guest)
johnsmith (Guest)
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johnsmith (Guest)
johnsmith (Guest)
If you are planning to build your very own chicken house, you have to learn about the materials you will be using so that you would have better output as possible for your chickens’ sake. Here i am giving information on the materials you need for building the hen house. <a href="http://www.bestchickencoop.biz/choosing-right-material-for-your-poultry-shed.html" target="_blnk">Click here</a> for Chicken house materials to use.
It will be therefore fantastic ! I really like that you choose to designed this with your own daddy feeling that he provides a thumbs up in his photos . He’s the perfect ! And that weather conditions vein ! Sacred cow Ashley ! That thing is amazing ! I can’t wait around to observe this place continue to keep grow up . I will be able to survive through you utilizing this until we certainly have a location of our personal back . PS : I have been seriously inspired once i look at six goats . After which you can damaged up at the zebus chicken coops for sale chak your link.Smile http://www.ranchsupply.com/portable-chicken-coop.html

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