Types of Feed

Table Scraps

Table Scraps  Rate it

Chickens can eat almost anything that you serve on your family’s table. By sharing your leftovers, you reduce the amount of waste headed for the landfill and you provide a more nutritious and varied diet for your flock. Feeding your flock table scraps also reduces the amount of store-bought feed they need, which is a nice cost savings.

Food for Chicks

Food for Chicks  Rate it

Perhaps it goes without saying that you will need to feed your chicks, but what may not be immediately obvious is that you will not be able to use the same feeders or feed as you do for mature chickens. Just like human babies, baby chickens need specially formulated food and feeders designed for their small bodies.

Food for Egg Layers

Food for Egg Layers  Rate it

Hens that are responsible for laying eggs require a specific diet to keep them healthy. Their diet is different from chickens raised for meat, and their diet changes as they get older.

Food for Meat Birds

Food for Meat Birds  Rate it

Cockerels and Pullets that are raised for butchering require a specific diet to keep them healthy and ensure they grow quickly. Their diet is different from chickens raised for laying eggs, and their diet changes as they transition from a chick into a pullet or cockerel.


Grit  Rate it

Did you know that chickens have no teeth? Instead of teeth, chickens use grit to grind their food and facilitate digestion. This process helps explain why you not only need to think about your flock’s feed, but also about ensuring they receive the correct supplements, like grit for example.


Scratch  Rate it

You may have heard the term “chicken scratch” well before you considered raising your own chickens. The term goes way back, as they say, and it’s for this reason that is has made it into our common vernacular.

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